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Corporate, Outdoor Education & Teambuilding

Rwanda’s diversity opens doors for some excellent and unforgettable get away experience to corporation, public and private institutions, families, groups/set of individuals aimed at developing team building, team bonding, work experience sharing, creativity enrichment, and mind refreshing. The ever growing hospitality industry endeavors in ensuring remarkable services, aimed at keeping your short trips as well as long weekend trips exclusive and comfortable. Rwanda boasts varied best destinations for corporate outings, which are fairly distributed on lake shores, hillsides, forests and parks; hence a guaranteed excellent corporate tour.

Choose Rwagasabo Safaris, a leading corporate tour organizer, to keep your event/holiday eventful, organized, and of course hassle free. Our experts are trained to cater to all your needs, and to ensure that not even the miniscule detail is overlooked in your corporate holiday packages. Book your corporate tours with us for the best travel packages that are affordable and are packed with all the goodness.

 With a wide range of fun learning programs and activities designed to help teams develop stronger bonds, enhance communication skills, and foster a sense of camaraderie through outdoor experiences, we run programs for all team sizes, ages, and interests.
Whether you have a corporate event, school retreat, family event, church event or scouting activities our programs, headed by a certified facilitator will design safe, exciting, fun, and interactive activities for your team.

We create a dynamic and engaging environment where teams can challenge themselves and learn valuable skills in natural settings. Each activity we offer is designed to promote teamwork, communication, and problem-solving while instilling self-confidence, resilience, and a sense of achievement in each participant. Our cultural programs provide opportunities to learn about different cultures and develop a deeper appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

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Teambuilding Challenges are a fun and engaging way for teams to develop communication and problem-solving skills. Participants will work together to complete challenges that require strategy, creativity, and collaboration.

Outdoor Adventures are designed for teams who want to explore and appreciate nature while building stronger relationships. Participants can choose from a variety of activities, including hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more.

Wilderness Survival teaches participants how to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. Participants will learn essential survival skills, such as building a shelter, starting a fire, finding food and water, and navigating in the wilderness.

Cultural Immersion is a special opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. Participants will engage in cultural activities, learn about customs and beliefs, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Leadership Development focuses on developing essential leadership skills for individuals and teams. Participants will learn how to inspire, motivate, and empower their team members while enhancing their own leadership abilities.

Each program is customized to meet your unique needs and objectives to ensure positive outcomes with attention to detail, schedules and budgets.

Choose a destination that suits you, We help you to execute your trip 

Quality transportations with guaranteed window seats. All vehicles are always maintained and kept in excellent standards. For larger movements e.g. Events, Conferences Travels and meetings we use our 25 seater coaches.

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