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Working with youth as local volunteers, Primary&High School Students has been a key part of the foundation upon which Pollinators was built. It strives to increase Environmental Conservation awareness and develop youths’ problem solving skills, aptitude for fieldwork, and project planning abilities.

Furthermore, Pollinators fosters an atmosphere of cultural exchange and skill sharing through working alongside each other.

Why does Pollinators advocate student volunteerism?

Pollinators is passionate about giving students the chance to learn more about their community and become responsible citizens. By mobilizing students, Pollinators aims to create a generation that is aware about Environmental Conservation, Climate Change and committed to the Sustainable Development of Rural community in Rwanda.

If you are a student in Rwanda, and would like to become involved in Pollinators’s work, then please get in contact by emailing If you have skills that you think would be particularly relevant to a program area we would be especially happy to hear from you.

Pollinators offers you an opportunity to volunteer in Conservation and Developmental projects to improve health and living conditions of rural communities in Rwanda. Volunteers can work on a number of projects: including Conservation Education in several areas such as Restoring endangered Wildflower ) and construction-based projects within Income generation Projects. Please check out the programs we run under Our Work


There are many areas volunteers can get involved in with Pollinators. We encourage interested volunteers to think about where their personal or professional skills could be of most use to us. So whatever your skills or interests are, please let us know via the application form and we can discuss how best your skills can be used by Pollinators. We want to inspire international volunteers to make a difference in our Rural  communities and we value the unique input each volunteer brings to us.


Because Pollinators relies solely on the generosity of donors and individuals, we do encourage our international volunteers to fundraise for the program they will be working on before they come to Rwanda. The money fundraised goes straight to your chosen program and you will be able to see exactly where your donation goes: Pollinators is proud to be fully transparent with its finances.

There is no set volunteer ‘price’. Instead, we take into account the volunteer, their circumstances and the length of time they will be working with Pollinators for. This is something that can be discussed, but currently we suggest that for a volunteering period of 6 weeks, a minimum of $400&€350) to be fundraised.

Pollinators aims to be different from many volunteer organizations, who often charge a huge amount for a very short period of volunteering. Instead, we want to encourage anyone to volunteer, no matter their financial position. We value volunteers’ skills, interests and professional input just as much as any fundraising they can do for their chosen program.



Volunteering is not just about working in another country and then going back home again. We really encourage all of our volunteers to try and promote the work of Pollinators in their home country when they return, thus helping Pollinators to be known by more and more people. We recognize the importance of networking in order to grow and host more volunteers, as well as to raise awareness of the issues facing the community we work in and we really appreciate everything our volunteers do to raise the profile of Pollinators!

Interested? How to get involved


If you are interested in volunteering with Pollinators, then please download and complete the application form found at the bottom of this page, and email it to along with a copy of your CV and a letter of motivation (why you want to volunteer with Pollinators and how it fits in with your current interests/activities in your home country).

If you need any more information before applying, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions. Many thanks for your interest with Pollinators and we look forward to hearing from each and every interested volunteer.

International Volunteers Application Form


Pollinators activities and operations are run entirely by student volunteers from Kigali Independent University( ULK). With a team of volunteers of around 30 students, Pollinators is a very active charity working to give students the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in their community. 

What does volunteering involve?

Each program has its own team of dedicated volunteers who conduct teaching sessions, visit target groups and oversee the implementation of projects. Without these student volunteers, Pollinators would struggle to reach out to such a large number of beneficiaries. The volunteers serve as role-models to the children in rural schools and inspire them to not only study hard in order to go to university, but also to create positive change in their communities in the future.

As a student volunteer, you can get involved with:

  • Any program area (check out the ‘Our Work’ tab to see more details on each program)
  • Teaching in classes, communities and workshops
  • Skills and capacity building
  • Social media and publicity
  • Fundraising

We are looking for individuals who have an interest in rural communities in Rwanda, good teamwork skills, and knowledge in one or more of the program areas. But most importantly, we want our volunteers to have a passion for development and empowerment, and can bring new ideas to Pollinators.