“Pollinators” is a Community Conservation Education Program to promote community-based Tourism Projects, Protect Endemic &Native Medicinal & wildflowers, and Restore endangered Medicinal & Wildflower species. In addition to this, one of our mission was to find solutions to climate Change so that the future generations have a world with thriving habitats and wildlife. It’s a huge challenge, but there is hope if we all act together.
Pollinators rely completely on donations. Without support from grant organizations, partners, and individuals, we would not be able to do the work we do. Initiating positive change in the community and empowering the poorest members of society to help themselves is what we are passionate about, and we rely on Support and Donations from around the world to do this.

In keeping with our strategic aim of increasing and maintaining financial transparency, we are happy to provide you with our budgets for the current year or any other information if you require it.

If you are interested in donating to a particular project, or would like some further information, we would welcome you to contact the Pollinators coordinator at info@rwagasabosafaris.com. Additionally, if you are considering becoming a partner of Pollinators, then check out the ‘Partners’ section under the ‘Get Involved’ tab for more information.

We also have a number of global giving sites dedicated to our individual projects
Enable 50 Rwandan Single Mothers To do Hands Crafts activities For Profit
Support 400 Children In Rwanda to get school Materials