Rwagasabo Agricultural Tour

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Live the Country Life In Rwagasabo Rwanda

The Rwagasabo Safaris community never sleeps. There’s always work to be done in Rwanda. Make your Rwanda tour even more memorable by joining us for a sojourn in rural Rwanda with field work, goat milking, grain grinding, farm animal feeding, and all the trimmings. While on this unique tour activity, you can live the country life of the locals by experiencing their culture, learning their history, and developing new skills you can keep for your entire life.

The Farmer’s Life For Me

A farmer’s work is never done. Join a Rwandan family of farmers as they go about their daily chores. Start your mornings in the garden, cutting and gathering grass for the farm animals. Try your hand at milking a goat, then head off to the field, where there’s loads of agricultural work to do, no matter the season. Join your hosts back home and help with chores or stay for a chat with the community guide in the garden. Rural Rwandese communities are warm and welcoming to visitors, and will make you feel right at home on the Rwagasabo Safaris Tour of Rwanda, however long your stay.

Book Your Agricultural Tour of Rwanda

If you prefer the country life and want to experience this way of life the Rwandese way, reach out to Rwagasabo Safaris to book your Agricultural Tour and experience a truly memorable visit to Africa.