Rwagasabo Art Center

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Live and Breathe Rwanda

With Rwagasabo Safaris, we want to make your Rwanda tour experience memorable and engaging. During your trip to Africa, support local art and culture with a visit to the Rwagasabo Safaris Art Centre. Pay us a visit and grab yourself a bargain worth taking home with you and displaying in your home. From jewellery and accessories to bags, shoes, paintings, and sculptures — whatever strikes your fancy — you’ll find it at the Rwagasabo Safaris Art Centre!

Fun and Culturally Engaging

Supporting traditional Rwandan craftwork is more fun than you think. In fact, if you love to go shopping for souvenirs, a visit to the Rwagasabo Safaris Art Centre will probably be the highlight of your day. Fair trade shopping sustains the livelihoods of many of the locals, and so your every visit to the centre makes a contribution to the community.

Community Support and Local Engagement

Art and self-expression are the lifeblood of the community, and it’s a way for the locals to connect with the outer world. At the Rwagasabo Safaris Art Center, local artists and artisans will showcase their artwork, hand-crafted jewellery, bags, and handmade home goods. Rwagasabo Safaris is committed to long-term collaboration, fair pay, and sustainability.

Add This Adventure to Your Rwanda Tour!

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