Rwagasabo Intercultural Exchange Centre

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Tourism, Conservation and Community-based Ecotourism are the key drivers of our country’s prosperity. With this in mind, Rwagasabo Safaris implements a resourceful Community Program that underscores its mission to support the local community in Rwanda.

By promoting social, environmental and economic benefits, Rwagasabo Safaris helps lift people out of poverty, offering them resources that once seemed out of reach. Additionally, Rwagasabo Safaris believe that building capacity and investing in the work force and the people of Rwanda has a wider benefit to the locals. It creates awareness of conservation measures and the importance of natural habitat to the people residing around Rwanda National Parks.

In summary, Rwagasabo Safaris Intercultural Exchange Centre offers the following programmes:

  • Educational Tourism as a tool to enhance conservation;
  • Agro-tourism to spread the benefits of hospitality more widely;
  • Medical Tourism to increase access to low-cost treatment for the local community;
  • Community empowerment and Volunteering that benefits both Volunteer and the host community;
  • Grass-root advocacy campaign “Energizing Local Communities through Innovations”.

Rwagasabo Safaris offer a wide range of services including:

  • a backpacker guest house with adjacent camping site;
  • Christmas Village Market;
  • access to the local art centre and craft shop for workshops and hands-on ;
  • an annual fun-filled cultural and conservation tourism week;
  • the opportunity to visit the locals and stay overnight, learning about their complex culture.

Rwagasabo Safaris Intercultural Centre was set up to facilitate tourism activities that enable you to meet and interact with the locals. Ask as many questions as you like, and gain insight into their way of life, their customs, their beliefs, their values and more!


  • Rwanda Development Board (RDB)
  • Rwanda Tours & Travel Association (RTTA)
  • International Eco-Tourism Society ( IETS)