Guided Hikes At Rwagasabo safaris Rwanda

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Mount Kigali Hike

Go on a Guided Hike at Rwagasabo Safaris Rwanda

During your Rwanda tour with Rwagasabo Safaris, we invite you to visit the town of Musanze and its satellite villages, where you can take a leisurely stroll through the magnificent valleys and hills that surround it. A knowledgeable local guide will point you to the area’s tourist highlights along the way.

The Town Itself

The town of Musanze is a nook of lush greenery dotted with colourful houses. It’s hemmed in at the north by the Volcanoes National Park, which lines Rwanda’s border with Uganda and Congo. Surrounding it are beautiful rolling hills, majestic mountain peaks, and valleys sprinkled with vibrant plants.

The Guided Hike

Village communities straddle the main roads, each of them a home to wonderful people. On this extraordinary Rwanda tour adventure, you can travel through the area at your own pace and meet the locals, then, join one of the guides at Rwagasabo Safaris, where you’ll soon be off on a bespoke mini-adventure through the rural hills of Musanze.

As you walk together, your guide will highlight the main points of interest of the history, environment, culture, and economy of the area, while sharing legends and stories. The hikes can be as long or as short as you like, and your guide will come up with a route and a schedule that suits your interests.

Plan Your Rwanda Tours Today

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