Rwagasabo Handicrafts Lessons

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Take Agaseke Artisan Lessons

Rwagasabo Safaris is a place where creative artisans work together for their community, and one of the ways these cooperatives serve our visitors is by teaching them to weave using the traditional Agaseke technique.

Agaseke is a technique for weaving flexible stalks, leaves, and other vegetal material into ornate decorative items. With their bright and vibrant colours, they make splendid souvenirs. They also serve as practical household items, but most visitors prefer to keep them for display only.

The ladies of Rwagasabo are extremely creative. Some of them have even joined forces and set up a cooperative to turn their traditional craftwork into resources for the community. These ladies make beautiful, authentic, bespoke trinkets for you to take home and keep as souvenirs.

Watch grass, flax, palms, and willow turn to treasure in their hands. Then try it yourself with a bit of help from the masters. Try this hands-on crash course on Agaseke weaving, and support our community by displaying these colourful handcrafted items in your home for all to see.

Contact Rwagasabo Safaris with any questions about this engaging tourist activity that connects tourists in Africa to the community’s culture and history as part of our ecotourism program.

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