Rwagasabo Home Stay With Village Walks

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Have a Pleasant Homestay with Rwagasabo Safaris

Live like the locals and be part of their families for a few hours, a day, or as long as you like. Stay the night and have dinner with your hosts. Eat local food, help prepare it, if you like, share stories by the fire and find out what life is like for a typical family here.

A homestay with Rwanda’s locals is a humbling experience. The families that collaborate with Rwagasabo are very welcoming and warm, and their hospitality is bound to make an impression on you. Spending as little as a day or two and staying overnight means you’ll be able to see Rwanda through their eyes, having authentic interactions with them, their neighbours, their friends, their relatives, and all the people they come across on a daily basis. Your host family will also serve as your guide and translator, so that you maintain a certain familiarity as you explore the village and become a part of this new community. Hosts join all visitors on village walks and welcome them in their homes for as long as they need to make it a comfortable and enriching experience for all.

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